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Kernersville Dodge Tournament 11/7/18

Guys we are going to hold the last event of the year this Wednesday. If you have fished one event you are allowed to fish. As of now I have 2 people splitting the big fish with 5.20 worth $500.00 we will blast off out of the wildlife beside of Tamarac at 7:00 Hope to see everyone there. If you have any questions you can call me at 336-408-0811

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Our 2018 Schedule


$50 Entry Fee - 100% Payback includes Big Fish

2 Yearly Big Fish $500 Payouts

Must fish 3 Tournaments on each side to qualify for Big Fish




1st Tournament March 14th, 2018 at Baldin Lake (Circle Dr.)

Blast off at 6:30AM

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Message from 31DodgeFishing

March 9, 2017

Great turnout for our first tournament. Sixteen boats showed up to fish from 7 to 3.  Nine boats decided to weigh their fish in for a total of just over 115 lbs. Of the forty two fish weighed the average fish was a 2.78. Fairly tough day on Badin, but congratulations are in store for two boats. Second place went to Pete and Buzz who had five fish weighing in at 14.63 with a 4.94 big fish kicker and earned $240. First place went to Blake and Jerry who had five fish weighing in at 20.32 with a big fish kicker of 7.08 and earned $400 along with a $160 big fish prize. Next tournament is at Tuckertown  March 22nd and we will blast off at 7:45 a.m. to fish until 3:30 p.m. See you guys then. 

March 22, 2017

Great turnout again for the second event of the season. We had fourteen boats competing for first place of 350 dollars, second place for 210, and big fish for 140. We had different winners in all three categories this week. First place went to Pete and Buzz with 27.39 lbs and a 7.11 big fish. Second place went to Jerry and Blake with 22.54lbs and a big fish of 5.27. However, big fish of the day, and now leading for the 500 dollar big fish prize, went to Gerald & John who weighed in a 7.32 mammoth. Eleven out of fourteen boats weighed fish in for a total of 197.19 lbs. Of the fifty-two fish weighed, the average weight was 3.79 lbs. Great day of fishing and looks like everyone had a good day with some big fish being caught. Next tourney is on April 5th  at High Rock Lake (Wildlife Tamarac), and we will blast off at 7:15 and fish till 3:15. See everyone in a couple weeks.  

April 5, 2017

Rough weather and tough fishing for most kept everyone from showing up Wednesday for the event at High Rock. Eleven boats did venture out to pay a first place of 275, second for 165, and big fish for 110. New set of winners for this week’s event was had all the way around. Steve Sink, fishing by himself might I add, finished first with 5 fish going 29.62 pounds that included a kicker of 7.43. Apparently he was the only one finding fish easy as the second place went to Jack and Larry with 5 fish going 16.96. Only six boats weighed fish in with only half of those having full limits. Ninety-nine pounds were weighed in with the average fish being 3.80 pounds. We will see everyone April 26th at Badin Lake where we will blast off at 7:00.  

April 26, 2017

Post spawn fishing was in store at Badin this week for sure. Twelve boats ventured out to compete today in the tournament where 300 for first place, 180 for second, and 120 for big fish were paid. Pete fishing by himself today took home the big prize with five fish going for 18.56 lbs, and second place to Robert and Matt with 5 fish going 16.86 lbs. Our big fish winner was Derek and Billy with a 5.32. Eight boats weighed a total of 40 fish with an average fish of 2.98 totaling 119.27 pounds.   

May 10, 2017

Tough doesn’t describe the conditions accurately at Tuckertown this week. Big rains muddied everything up, yet we still pulled eleven boats out for the tournament. We paid 275 for 1st, 165 for second, and 110 for Big fish this week. Rex and Billy picked up their first win of the year weighing five fish for 18lbs. Second went to Blake and Jerry who weighed five fish for 14.97. Our big fish went to the one fish Roy and April caught which ended up being a 4.62.  Only six boats weighed fish today with a total of 78.75lbs and an average fish of 3.15. Summer fishing is fastly approaching and we are seeing the big weights of the spring disappear. Look forward to seeing everyone at High Rock on May 24th and hopefully full bags. We will launch out of Tamarac at 6:30.  

May 24, 2017

High Rock didn’t draw a huge crowd for this tournament as post-spawn fishing conditions were in full effect. Ten boats managed to make it out but there were only 3 limits weighed. Jerry and Blake took first place with five fish going 18.12 and a big fish of 5.26. Second went to Gerald and Bo with five going 14.77. Last tournament of the first split is at Randleman where we will pay out the 1st half big fish of 500 dollars. All who fished with us so far this year will have their ramp fees paid, so we look forward to a big turnout. Please be early, see everyone at 6 a.m. at Randleman June 14th.  

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