Entry fee and Prizes

  • $50 Entry Fee - 100% payback
  • Randleman pays $500 Big fish for Tourneys YTD June 14th
  • Tillery $500 Big Fish for tourneys June 28th to date & October 25th
  • November 8th Fish off held at highest average turnout from Baqdin, Tuckertown and high Rock.

Fishing Tournament Rules

2017 Rules

• Tournament Organizers Reserve The Right To Refuse Any Entry For Any Reason.

• All Boats Must Launch From The Same Start Location.

• All 2017 Inland Fishing Rules Govern At All Times.

• Tournament Continues Regardless of Weather Conditions.

• There Will Be No Refunds After The Start Of The Tournament.

• A dead fish cannot be weighed for Big Fish.

• You cannot weigh-in five dead fish (2 MUST be alive).

• No Trolling Or Live Bait Permitted.

• A One (1) Pound Penalty will be Deducted For Every Dead Fish.

• There Is A Five (5) Fish Limit Per Boat.

• All Fish must measure fourteen (14) inches on golden rule with mouth shut.

• A Short Fish Will Not Be Weighed And One (1) Pound Will Be Deducted For Each Short Fish From Team Weight.

• One Team Member Must Observe Weigh In.

• Total Weight Of Team Will Determine Winners.

• All Ties For Cash Prizes Big Fish will determine winner.

• All Live Fish Will Be Returned To Lake.

• Entrants Fish At Own Risk.
• Tournament Organizers Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Damage Or Loss  Of Property Or Life.

• Polygraph Test May Be Given In Any of The Tournaments and To Any Participant.  Failure To Pass The Test Results In Disqualification.